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Celtic T-shirts

Screenprinted Celtic designs

The Celtic Calendar drawn for us by Glennie Kindred

Celtic Knot

celtic knot t-shirt

This shape and variations on it are much used in Celtic art. In jewellery and body-art it is a symbol of eternity.
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Celtic Calendar

celtic calendar t-shirt

The annual cycle of pre-Christian festivals, linked to the sun, the seasons and nature. The Christian calendar was superimposed onto these more ancient celebrations.
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Celtic Cross

celtic cross t-shirt
Ornate Christian Cross and more ancient Pagan Sun symbol. Often seen in the West country, Scotland and Ireland.
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Kells Triscele

kells triscele t-shirt
Found in the Book of Kells. This three part design was much used in Celtic art, it is said to symbolise forward movement.
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We print only Fruit of the Loom shirts. 100% cotton. 165gsm. Fully machine washable.

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fruit of the loom t-shirts
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